Iralvex Gel


For inflamed and ulcerated conditions of the mouth , gum bleeding and aphthous stomatitis .

Administration & Dosage

Dosage and administration :
Gel : apply 0.5 – 1 cm of the gel on the gum and rub it gently 3 times a day .

Contraindication & side effect

 It is not recommended for sensitive people to medicinal plants .
 Adverse reaction : Irritation of the gum may be seen after the application of high doses .


Each gram of gel or each ml of solution contains 170 mg dried extract of rhubarb ( Standardized on the basis of 3.4 – 4.6 mg of rhein ) and 10 mg salicylic acid .
Constituents: Anthraglycosides of aloe – emodin , emodin chrysophanol , dianthrone glycosides of rhein ( sennosides A and B ) and their oxalates . Heterodianthrones including palmidin A, B, C, free anthraquinone , and tannins( glucogallin , and gallic acid ) (1) .


 Anthraglycosides of aloe – emodin, emodin  chrysophanol , dianthrone glycosides of rhein (sennosides A and B )  and their oxalates. Heterodianthrones including palmidin A, B, C, free anthraquinone, and tannins (glucogallin , and  gallic acid ) (1) .

Pharmacological action

 Once tannins come into contact with oral mucous membrane, they react with and cross link proteins in both the mucous and epithelial cells of the mucosa (2). The mucosa is consequently bound more tightly and rendered less permeable, a process referred  to as astringency. Astringency affords increased protection to the subadjacent  layers of the mucosa from the presence of microorganisms and irritant chemicals. It also creates an antisecretory effect on the mucous  membrane (2).Iralvex  is able to stop gum bleeding. Upon the application of Iralvex on the gum , it provides a prompt temporary relief of local pain or discomfort associated with the gum inflammation and with pericoronitis or peridontitis, dental procedures, and gingivectomies .



Drug Form


Packaging : Iralvex Gel 15 g tubes


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