Respiratory Diseases

Licophar Lozenge

Licofar 3d


Mouth and throat antiinflammatory, antitussive, Expectorant.


Licophar lozenges are consumed every 6 hours for three days.


Side effects : Consumption of high doses for prolonged periods may cause hyperaldosteronism and sodium and water retention which may lead to temporary hypertension and hypokalemia .

Contraindication : This product is not recommended for hypertensive patients .

Warning : Because of high sugar content in this product, diabetic patients should take it with caution.

Pregnancy and Lactation: Avoid in pregnancy. In lactation, use with caution.


The active ingredients in each lozenge are :
Glycyrrhiza glabra 51.2 mg . Eucalyptus essence 1.07 mg .
Dry extract of Capsicum annum 0.14 mg


Glycyrrhizin (0.6 -10) Flavonolded, isoflavonoids and Triterpene saponins .

Drug Form


Pharmacological actions

A significant anti inflammatory effect has been demonstrated for glycyrrhitinic acid which is found in glycyrrhiza . Eucalyptol which is present in eucalyptus oil has expectorant and antimicrobial properties ,and is more active against gram positive bacteria . Capsicum is effective in the prevention of throats mucosal irritation , it is also able to decrease the inflammation of lung mucosa . Licophar has soothing and demulcent effects on the mouth ulcer and inflammatory conditions .


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